Stamped asphalt is a process that is applied to new or existing pavement to add a decorative pattern and color which mimic the appearance of brick pavers or stone.  Decorative asphalt is a quick and easy way to decorate your partial or entire driveway, walkway or patio. Your project can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to hire a mason or landscape contractor, to choose your brick or stone and to excavate your area.

With the development of portable infrared heaters we can now imprint existing asphalt that is in good condition.  Infrared heat softens asphalt and gives us the ability to imprint a pattern into the asphalt surface. This is achieved by heating the existing asphalt for just a few minutes thus eliminating the need to replace an existing asphalt area that is in good condition. This allows us to create a border or apron around an existing driveway, patio or walkway and then stamping the asphalt with the pattern of your choice from our templates. The result is a seamless, contiguous pattern. Our process creates the beauty of brick or stone with the benefits of asphalt. 

We carry a variety of wire grids that we imprint into your new or heated asphalt to create your desired pattern. Once your pattern is imprinted, we coat it with the color of your choice. We offer a diagonal herringbone pattern that will make your walkway come to life. We also offer a stone pattern, offset brick, and a slate pattern with the addition of a basket weave or soldier course border. We offer brick look terra cotta color or burnt sienna, we also have sierra beige or graystone.

Affordable, beautiful, unique and customizable results are just a few features of stamped asphalt. There are also many benefits to stamped asphalt over traditional brick and pavers. The benefits of stamped asphalt driveways and walkways are its long lasting, durable, and maintenance free features that make this a very popular choice for our New England climate. In addition, asphalt is one piece, malleable and more forgiving with the elements. This means it is less likely to crack or heave, minimizing the need for repair. The continuous nature of the asphalt also avoids those pesky weeds growing up through cracks in your stone or brick work. Another benefit is the ease of repair, if the need should arise.

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Options For Your Stamped Asphalt Projects

Stamped Asphalt Templates

Pattern Options For Stamped Asphalt Projects.

 Pattern Options For Stamped Asphalt Projects. 

SealMasterĀ® Color Options

Color options for stamped asphalt projects.

Color Options For Stamped Asphalt Projects.

Stamped Asphalt Templates


 Pattern Options For Stamped Asphalt Projects.